Fra svensk læser – om bogen “Tænk dig til det hele …”

Written by Irma on . Posted in Boganmeldelser

Hi Irma!

I´m writing in english since I don´t know if you understand swedish fully. I did read your book in swedish though. Anywho, I want to thank you very much for your book “Taenk dig til det hele” (Tankens Kraft). For me it was a reminder of our power within wich I lost contact with for a number of years. As soon as I decided to get back to that track I was somehow guided to books and people who gently pushed me forward. One of those books was yours. And I´m using your ideas in my own visualizations on a daily basis, changing some to suit me better. Once again..thank you for you! Your words are like sunshine around my heart!

Björn Johansson, Uppsala